Announcing the Jupiter Series Tornado Shelters

Jupiter 10 tornado shelter side view

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC announced the production of the Jupiter Series Tornado Shelters.

The Jupiter 20  is a 20 person capacity commercial tornado shelter. The Jupiter 10 is a 10 person residential tornado shelter. Both are underground shelters greatly exceeding the FEMA and ICC 500 guidelines for storm shelters.

The Jupiter tornado shelter:

  • Provides Ground Zero F5 Tornado Protection
  • Withstands 350 MPH Wind and Missiles
  • Requires No Post-Tornado Repairs
  • Structurally Warrantied for 50 Years
  • Designed by Veteran Bomb Shelter Engineer
  • Cool Temperatures Underground
  • Will Not Float Up in High Water Table


Learn more at



Author: NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® Military bomb shelters include all features required to meet military specifications. These include nuclear blast protection, anti-corrosion protection, intruder defenses, NBC EMP protection, plumbing, electricity, generator power, electric lights, UV water sterilization, hot and cold running water, scanner and HAM radios, conventional toilet and septic, and furniture. About Walton McCarthy, M.E., Author of Principles of Protection NORAD SHELTER SYSTEMS' product line is based on the designs of Walton McCarthy who is a Mechanical Engineer with a B.S. rom Montana State University. He has 40 years' experience in shelter engineering and manufacturing. McCarthy started with concrete, fiberglass, and steel shelters over a period of years evolved to high tech pressure structures as the market demanded better performance for underground structures. All NORAD shelters meet the standards established in the book PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION, The US Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, 6th Edition 2013, Walton McCarthy M.E., Brown Books. The book was developed with help from experts from the US Dept. of Energy, US Department of Defense, Strategic Applications International, US Bureau of Standards and other government and university experts. The book is available on Amazon and has been the bible for underground shelter design and ratings for over 20 years. All NORAD Shelters have technical brochures with performance data.

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